Client: A Medical Research Institute in Cleveland, Ohio
Client’s Country of Origin: China
Case Type: H-1B Nonimmigrant Work Visa
Date of Application: July 25, 2011
Date of Approval: September 19, 2011

Upon its decision to hire an outstanding researcher, our client, a medical research institute in Cleveland, retained Herman Legal Group to extend its employee’s nonimmigrant status.

H-1B status or visa is the least controversial part of immigration reform. Unfortunately, the lottery for Chinese and Indian high-skilled immigrants results in suspension for many applicants. The stress of the H1-B application process can be very difficult, however, an honest and experienced immigration lawyer can make a convincing argument on your behalf and file your application in a timely manner.

Herman Legal Group helped our client prove that its choice researcher met all the following criteria for H-1B status:

    1. The position held by the employee required at least training of a bachelor’s degree in the field.
    2. Other similar positions of a kind had similar requirements.
    3. Such a position required the application of a body of specialized knowledge.
    4. The employee possessed a minimal level of required experience for the offered position.

Within two months, our client’s choice employee received an approval notice for H-1B status.

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