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CLEVELAND, OHIO, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, June 6, 2022 / — Feedspot, one of the world’s most popular content readers, has announced that the Herman Legal Group is ranked in the Top 25 Best Immigration Law Blogs in the world.

Founded in 1995, the Herman Legal Group provides immigration counsel to companies, professionals, investors, and families. Its founder, nationally-renowned Immigration Lawyer Richard Herman, is an evangelist for welcoming immigrants, and is the co-author of the acclaimed book, Immigrant, Inc. — How Immigrants Are Driving the New Economy (and how they will save the American worker) (Wiley 2010).

Over the past few years, the immigration law firm has invested substantial resources in the creation and distribution of free online “How-To” Immigration Guides that provide access for people all around the world to the most up-to-date, accurate and innovative strategies to help themselves with their U.S. immigration issues.

Feedspot noted that the firm is prolific in publishing its noted blog, with an average of eight posts per week. The firm often translates this content into Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, Russian and French to better reach limited-English populations.

“Due to the anti-immigrant climate, and rapidly changing U.S. immigration law, accurate and timely information is needed. We are proud to be recognized by Feedspot for our immigration law blog!  We are proud to be recognized by Feedspot as hosting one of the world’s best immigration law blogs in the world, and it inspires us to do more! ”

— Immigration Attorney Richard Herman


The firm’s detailed legal guides help empower people to either help themselves (particularly those unable to afford the costs of hiring a skilled immigration lawyer), help protect them from unscrupulous lawyers and notaries, and enable them to identify key issues for which they require an experienced immigration lawyer.

Feedspot has a team of over 50 experts whose goal is to discover, rank and categorize popular blogs and podcasts. They have curated over 250,000 popular blogs and categorized them in more than 5,000 niche categories and industries. With millions of blogs on the web, finding influential, authority and trustworthy bloggers in a niche industry is a hard problem to address.

Feedspot indicates that its rankings are based on the following factors:


Industry blogs (those not favoring a specific brand) are given higher rank than blogs by individual brands(who often tend to promote their own products).

Blog post frequency(freshness)

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Alexa Web Traffic Rank and many other parameters.

The law firm remains committed to continuing to write and disribute free immigraiton law guidelines to help people navigate the difficult terrain of the U.S. immigration law process. Whether someone is seeking a marriage green card, a fiancee visa, or an H1B work visa, everyone is entitled to have access to quality legal information.

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