Immigration Expert: Source for Journalists, Podcast/Radio Guest, Keynote Speaker

Richard Herman – Author, Immigration Attorney, Activist

Immigration Expert: Source for Journalists, Podcast/Radio Guest, Keynote Speaker

Richard Herman – Author, Immigration Attorney, Activist

Richard Herman is a nationally-renowned immigration lawyer, an evangelist for welcoming immigrants, and co-author of the acclaimed Immigrant, Inc. — How Immigrants Are Driving the New Economy (and how they will save the American worker).

Immigration is one of the hottest issues in America today! Richard Herman is a national expert in immigration law and procedure, as well as an advocate for policies to welcome the entrepreneurial, innovative, and hard-work ethic to America’s cities. He is available to journalists around the country who are looking for an immigration authority to obtain background information as well as a source for on-the-record quotes.

Richard is also eager to help hosts of podcasts and radio shows by joining as a guest to talk about immigration issues.

Richard has helped hundreds of print, radio, television and podcast journalists, and their audience, understand complex immigration issues by making it easy to understand. As a writer and professional communicator himself, he understands that less is more, and that information is consumable in only small bites. He takes the time to provide the background information to the reporter and hosts, including sharing links to reports and data, that make for good investigative journalism and deep, insightful, and informative content for the reader, listener, and viewer.

If you are a reporter looking for an immigration expert source, don’t just drop your fishing line in the black swampy waters of Help a Reporter Out (HARO). Keep Richard’s contact information handy so that when that special immigration story or investigative article assignment pops up, you have the go-to immigration guy ready to go!

Richard has also provided keynote addresses at dozens of professional and community events around the country. He is pleased to bring his engaging live presentation that dives into the power of immigrants to help revitalize and rejuvenate America’s economy — Immigrants Make America Stronger!

Finally, for online and print publications that are seeking fresh content that addresses the myriad of issues surrounding the immigration arena, Richard is happy to entertain requests to submit guest articles and guest blogs.

Who Is Richard Herman?

As evidenced by coverage from FOX News (The O’Reilly Factor), New York Times, USA Today, ABC News 20/20, NPR, BusinessWeek, Forbes, Inc., and many others, Richard is not your typical immigration lawyer.

Upon arriving in Moscow in 1993, Russia as a young, newly-minted American attorney looking for work, Richard launched into his immigration practice a few blocks down the street from the Kremlin, representing post-Soviet entrepreneurs who sought to invest in the U.S. and relocate their families. Moving back to the U.S. in 1995, he became an entrepreneur himself, founded his own immigration law firm in Cleveland, Ohio, wrote an acclaimed book, took his message on the road to conferences around the country, and dedicated his life to advocating for immigrants — working to change the conversation on immigration.

Immigrant Inc. - Book

Known for his direct and sometimes controversial style, undaunted by growing anti-immigrant sentiment, Richard is an evangelist for welcoming immigrants and the economic contributions they make to American cities. He is the co-author of Immigrant, Inc. —Why Immigrant Entrepreneurs Are Driving the New Economy (and how they will save the American worker).

He is one of the pioneers of the movement by Rust Belt cities to attract and welcome immigrants who can help grow the economy, create jobs, and reverse progressive depopulation. He regularly advises cities on innovative ways to leverage existing immigration law, and lobby for immigration reform, to create American jobs and strengthen the economy.

At a time when immigrants are often viewed in a negative light, Richard seeks to raise awareness that the foreign-born demographic is an entrepreneurial and talent-rich resource that helps make America great.

Research demonstrates that immigrants when compared to American-born, are:

  • Twice as likely to launch a business in the U.S.;
  • Twice as likely to invent and own a U.S. patent;
  • More likely to have international relationships and cultural skills to navigate new export markets and attract investment from abroad.

Forty percent of the Fortune 500 were founded by immigrants or their children.

Richard believes that immigrants have something more important to share with us than just their entrepreneurial output and innovation.

They have something to teach us.

Richard talks of immigrants as our “Dream-Keepers” — the ones that most fervently believe that the American Dream is alive and well. Their entrepreneurial and abundance mindset can help all of us, American-born included, by inspiring all us to “Think Like an Immigrant!” In Immigrant, Inc., Richard and his co-author, journalist Robert L. Smith, write about the power of the immigrant mindset and their 7 Keys to Success.

Richard is the founder of Herman Legal Group, an immigration law firm that speaks over 12 languages and is recognized by U.S. World News & Report’s “Best Law Firms in America.” Richard and his team of lawyers represent diverse clientele from Fortune 500 companies hiring foreign-born professionals to undocumented workers fighting deportation, from technology entrepreneurs seeking a visa to launch their new business in the U.S., to NFL teams hiring foreign-born football players.

As an authority on U.S. immigration law and a provocateur for immigrant-friendly, pro-entrepreneur policies, Richard is often invited to strategize and deliver keynote addresses around the country, as he has often done for Michael Bloomberg and Rupert Murdoch’s Partnership for a New American Economy, chambers of commerce, universities, and cities.

Richard focuses on maintaining a work/life balance, being present for his wife and children, and working hard to be a successful and positive force for his clients, his co-workers, and the community. From dressing up as Santa Claus and handing out Christmas gifts to children at Latino Churches, to teaching at a law school in the Mekong Delta, to sponsoring an essay scholarship for undocumented essential workers (“what do you think of when you hear the word ‘immigrant’?”), to providing pro bono immigration services to victims of domestic violence, Richard has traveled the world and has lots of stories and lessons to share.

Richard is married to Kimberly Chen, an immigrant from Taiwan who overcame her undocumented status to become an American physician. They live in the Cleveland area and have two children whom they have raised to be proud Americans and citizens of the world.

Interview Richard Herman, Author, Immigration Lawyer, and Activist, to Discuss…

  • What will immigration law and procedure look like in 2021?
  • Immigrant entrepreneurs and immigrant talent: do we welcome them or kick them out?
  • How America is losing its way on immigration (and missing the greatest opportunity of all)
  • Seven Steps to “Thinking Like an Immigrant
  • Why companies and cities need to develop and execute their own international human capital strategies
  • All Immigration Topics (Deportation, Immigration Detention, Border Issues, Asylum, Green Cards Family Immigration, H-1B Employment Visas, Professional Athletes and Artists visas, Religious Worker visas, Student Visas, Entrepreneur and Investor Visas, Employer Compliance)
  • President Trump’s immigration restrictions and anti-immigrant agenda
  • Fix it! Comprehensive Immigration Reform: Economic Development, National Security, National Identity
  • Globalization and the importance of connecting people and resources around the world (even with a pandemic)
  • The importance of diversity: tearing down silos, and building a diverse, intercultural, hyper-connected community at the local level
  • The power of entrepreneurial thinking in everything we do
  • Exiting the Bubble: the life-altering experiences of learning foreign languages, living abroad, and global traveling
  • The spiritual importance of welcoming and taking care of the stranger
  • Interracial and intercultural marriages, and raising children
  • The joy of learning about foreign foods, culture, music, and perspectives
  • Book writing and marketing though innovative content
  • Motivational speaking
  • Self-help, work/life balance

Richard Herman Knows Immigration Law: Guest Expert Credentials

  • When Richard speaks (in court) a person’s life may depend on it.
  • Seasoned, 25-year immigration lawyer (who has seen almost everything relating to immigration law)
  • Recognized in The Best Lawyers in America© and Super Lawyers©
  • Wrote the book on why we need to welcome immigrants
  • Interviewed by many major national media outlets
  • Regularly is asked to speak at national conferences on innovative, creative ideas around immigration issues
  • Co-founded TiE Ohio (The Indus Entrepreneur Association), Global Cleveland, Global Detroit
  • Regularly publishes guest blogs on websites such as Governing, Huffington Post, American Immigration Lawyers Association, Immigration Law Weekly, Taco LA
  • Married for 21 years with two teenagers (Richard is 56, got married to Kimberly in his law office in between client meetings).
  • Lived, worked and traveled around the world.
  • At home, and at work, he is made a better person by being surrounded by people from around the world

Immigration Guest Expert Availability

Richard is always eager to talk immigration! He is happy to help journalists as a subject matter expert and reputable source to provide background as well as cutting-edge perspectives and quotes. Richard is also available to join podcasts and radio shows to talk about current immigration issues. He speaks his mind and provides story angles that are uncommon and provide grist for a spirited conversation.

How to interview Richard? By telephone or video call from Richard’s professionally-equipped studio in Cleveland, Ohio. In-person from anywhere.

Powerhouse Keynote Speaker on Immigration & Diversity

Richard is a dynamic public speaker, providing engaging keynote presentations that are both inspirational, educational, and provocative. Richard has delivered keynotes around the country, for various organizations such as chambers of commerce, universities, non-profits, and corporations. He has given many presentations on behalf of Michael Bloomberg’s Partnership for a New Economy. Richard is available to travel to “light up” your event with a signature talk that your guests will remember for years to come. Richard is amenable to collaborating on a topic and content that meets your organization’s needs. He often talks about the power of global diversity and inclusion, intercultural cities, urban development through immigration, immigrant entrepreneurship, and global talent, and immigration law reform. He is available to travel nationwide.

Guest Blogger / Guest Writer

Richard is a prolific writer and has written as a Guest Writer and Guest Blogger for such publications as Huffington Post, Governing, Immigration Law Weekly, LA Taco, India Abroad, Latinos Magazine, and many others. He is happy to receive requests to write Guest Posts or Guest Articles on the hottest topics in immigration law today. Richard’s office has the language capability to translate this content into Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, and Russian.

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