Client: A Medical Research Institute in Cleveland, Ohio
Client’s Country of Origin: China
Case Type: I-485 Adjustment of Status (Green Card) Based on Employment
Date of Application: December 28, 2011
Date of I-140 Approval: August 22, 2012
Date of Approval: October 16, 2012

Upon its decision to hire an outstanding researcher, our client retained us to secure permanent resident status for its choice employee.

Based on this particular researcher’s outstanding record, we encountered ordinary challenges and tedium. For outstanding researcher cases, evidence gathering especially requires careful chronicling of all the publication and achievements.

Moreover, as the representative of the institution that sponsors the application, we particularly need to make a persuasive argument to skeptic readers and reviewers.

Essentially, we need to prove how the particular researcher is valuable to the institution, based on an excellent research record, and thus deserves the green card. This complex argument often requires professional legal assistance, so that your deserving opportunity will not be compromised by unwanted mistakes. Please consider consulting a reliable immigration attorney before you file your own application.

We helped our client prove that the employer would continue to employ this particular employee because he was a highly valuable researcher.

Two months after the grant of I-140, our client’s employee was granted permanent resident status (green card).

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