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Helping Our Clients Achieve a Better Life

We are always thrilled when cases work out well for our clients, but immigrant success stories are especially meaningful to us being true advocates of diversity. Designated as a best lawyer in the field of immigration law by U.S. News & World Report, Richard Herman and his team of immigration lawyers in Columbus, Cleveland and Detroit treat their clients like family. Our caring approach is combined with aggressive and proven representation to give each client the best fighting chance at success… and ultimately a safe and prosperous life in America.

Here are just some of the stories we’ve helped unfold. There are literally thousands of individuals who have benefitted by entrusting Herman Legal Group with their legal matters.

I-824 Approved for a Belorussian Father

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A well-run Orthodox church had already retained Herman Legal Group to secure status for an outstanding Father. However, after the grant of the Father’s status to the church, the Father still did not receive a visa for entry into the United States. The church desperately needed the Father. Therefore, we filed an I-824 Application for Action on Approved Application or Petition to expedite the Father’s arrival in the United States.


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