Are you a degree holder looking to work in the United States? Well, if you are, you might need an H-1B immigration lawyer for an H-1B visa.

Most people applying for H-1B work visas tend to dismiss the importance of immigration lawyers because sponsors may go through the visa process themselves. However, things like visa processing, payments, stamping, and interviews are not always as straightforward as they seem.

Immigration law is a discipline where experience counts, and such experience can be vital to your work visa interview. This is why if you want the best attorney-client relationship, you should go for a lawyer or law firm with a maximum of six years of experience, reasonable legal fees, a good knowledge of the Twenty-First Century Act and how it relates to you as a foreign professional.

This article explains just how important H-1B immigration lawyers to foreign nationals seeking employment from a US employer. Here, you will understand what premium processing service entails for a nonimmigrant worker and why timely filing is essential for individuals and a nonprofit research organization as well as related nonprofit entities.

Who is an Immigration Lawyer?

Due to the sometimes complex nature of employment immigration cases, you may need an immigration attorney. Such an attorney, who should have up to three years experience in immigration services, checks your qualification for a bachelor’s degree, the prevailing wage, and whether you are applying for a nonprofit research organization.

Depending on the country and many other factors, you need to navigate different rules, laws, and regulations to get a successful visa or immigration status.

Although some cases are simple and don’t require special assistance, it is advised to have someone specialized, knowledgeable, and experienced. These individuals, who should have nothing less than a bachelor’s degree, can help you with any immigration process, fee, or issue. Such individuals are known as immigration lawyers.

The H-1B Process and Immigration Lawyers

First, it is essential to take you through some of the H-1B visa process duties to know just how much you might need a visa lawyer.

When looking for a visa abroad, your best bet will be to count on trusted immigration lawyers. Why? The processes can be quite lengthy and tedious. Also, the rules of each process are subject to change, and you can be caught unaware if you don’t have the right information.

Take the H-1B process, for instance. It offers the opportunity for foreign degree holders to live and work in the United States. The visa temporarily gives U.S. employers an avenue to hire qualified foreign workers, especially in specialty occupations.

If the professional skills of the foreigner are required, there is a good possibility of acquiring a U.S. position. However, to be eligible for the H-1B visa, both the prospective employees and U.S. employers must adhere to USCIS regulations and requirements.

These set regulations ensure that every visa action follows the directions of the Department of Labor. An immigration attorney not only understands these rules but knows how to use them in your favor. They can help both U.S. employers and potential foreign workers to meet every requirement set by the U.S. Congress sufficiently.

How Much Does Immigration Lawyer Cost for an H-1B Visa?

Several sponsors and potential employees choose to do the petition themselves rather than pay the fees required for an attorney. This is not surprising because they want to save on visa costs.

H-1B immigration attorneys are experts in immigration matters and getting work visas. The total costs of hiring one vary, and when getting one, you must ensure you’re fine with the invoice of service provided for you.

How to Choose the Right Immigration Lawyer

Before deciding on an immigration attorney for foreign professionals, it is best to meet with at least two or three immigration lawyers to grasp their fees and rates. If there’s too much of a gap between attorney fees, you might need to dig deeper to know why. There is also a need to check for the degree requirement.

You must consider the higher education of the attorney you are choosing. A bachelor’s degree in law is great, but a higher degree like a master’s degree will be better.

As a potential employee, you want someone with a track record of excellence who can help you consider all the immigration options at your disposal that aligns with the requirements of your home country and your employer.

Essentially, you need expert advice all through the process relating to USCIS conditions for the employment you seek and what American competitiveness is all about.

Choosing the cheapest option is not often advisable for labor condition application but always make sure your choice is within your price range. It is advised to do a consultation before you make your choice as an employee.

In the end, you should focus on experienced lawyers as they always know what to do in difficult situations relating to H-1B petition, filing, labor certification and any other thing needed to qualify for the approval status of visas.

How Much Does a U.S. Immigration Legal Services Cost?

How Much Does a U.S. Immigration Legal Services Cost?

Often every lawyer comes with different fees because of their costing and filing methods. That’s why you need to know how to choose immigration attorneys for visa status; and you may need to obtain their portfolio to do this.

Attorneys who have over six years petition experience for H-1B visas will tend to charge more on the job they offer than those law officers who started petition practices recently.

Some immigration lawyers or immigration law firms provide a free initial consultation to discuss issues relating to your job, employee status, company, H-1B visas, and any other information you may need to submit to renew your status or that of your company.

At the same time, a law firm may only bill you for the first consultation if you don’t employ their services afterward. Typically U.S. immigration lawyers and law firms cost between $500 to $2500 depending on your visa type and the applications you would need to make.

Can a Lawyer Get an H-1B Visa for Me?

The H-1B process consists of two major determinants; the petitioning of the USCIS via the state’s ICERT portal system and the sponsorship by a U.S. employer for a fiscal year. Yes, a lawyer can get you an H-1B visa and ensure the completed h classification supplement and any other supplementary documentation is followed.

When you obtain an attorney as a petitioner, you must file a G-28 form. This is used to show the eligibility of an H-1B lawyer to represent a client before the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

Do I Need a Lawyer for H-1B Transfer as a Foreign Worker?

The straightforward answer is no. You don’t necessarily need a lawyer or law firm for an H-1B transfer. However, it will be helpful to have an attorney or law firm on hand during your visa transfer process for specialty occupation. They have been helping others in a specialty occupation get theirs done; they can do so for you..

This process may come with a little complexity, along with a change in rules. An immigration attorney will be on the current side of this information or requirements. Immigration law services may mean the difference between a denial or approval, and they are also important if you need to make a visa appeal.

What are the Qualities of a Good H-1B Immigration Lawyer?

A good immigration attorney offering immigration law services showcases the following qualities;

  • They should have legal practice certification
  • Good experience in the immigration field
  • Good judgment
  • Great communication skills
  • Great reputation and references

How to Select an Immigration Law Firm for Your H-1B Visa Application

To choose an immigration attorney for your H-1B application, you must consider their experience and expertise in handling work visas. They should be conversant and suited to H-1B visa laws and their current information.

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An H-1B immigration attorney can come In handy in difficult situations during visa application. They are most needed when you don’t know the application process or ensure that everything goes smoothly. While you may get through some stages yourself, an attorney will help simplify the process at crossroads.


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